His family abandoned Him for being disabled but what the dog did Shocked everyone


Over 70 US service members have died in the post 911 war zones of Iraq, Afghanistan, Pakistan and elsewhere. Their deaths have affected a large community of parents, spouses, children, siblings and friends. Afghan, Iraqi and other allied military and police deaths have been even more expensive. Western allies of the US also have. Borne significant human costs in the post 911 wars.

Hundreds of thousands more United States and. Allied service members have been wounded in combat or have died indirectly as a result of injuries sustained in the war zones. The US military suicide rate, historically low, has climbed significantly since 2004. Four times as many service members have died by suicide than in combat in the post 911 wars, signaling a widespread mental health crisis.

Alex was one of those thousands wounded in Afghanistan. He lost both of his legs in that war. He joined the army after he watched. In horror as the terrorist attacks of September 11, 2001, left nearly 3000 people dead in New York City, Washington DC and Shanksville, Pennsylvania. Shock. Sadness. Fear. Anger. The 911 attacks inflicted a devastating emotional toll on Americans, according to the government survey following the attacks went into the.

Field just days after 911. From September 13 to 17th, 2001, a sizable majority of adults, 71% said they felt depressed. Nearly half, 49% had difficulty concentrating, and. A third said they had trouble sleeping. Among them was Alex, who felt that. He needed to do something. In the days and weeks following 911.

Americans overwhelmingly supported military action against those responsible for the attacks in mid September 2000, and 177 percent favored US military action, including the deployment of ground forces to retaliate against whoever is responsible for the terrorist attacks, even if that means. US armed forces might suffer thousands of casualties.

Patriotic sentiment surged in the aftermath of 911 after the US and its allies. Launched airstrikes against Taliban and al Qaeda. Forces in early October 2000, and 179 percent of adults said they displayed an American flag. A year later, 62% majority said they’d. Often felt patriotic as a result of the 911 attacks. This is when Alex decided to leave his nice house and his lovely family to join the army. Alex was a programmer and he was working in a big company. Alex was paid well from his job, which allowed him to provide with his family nice lifestyle. By 2001, Alex was 34 years old. He was married to Dina, the love.

Of his life, and they had two kids. Allen was ten years old and Sarah was seven. At the time, the family had a nice house and the kids used to. Go to nice schools. Alex and Dina met each other years. Ago when they were in their early 20s. They found out that they wanted the same thing. Both of them wanted to form a family and have a simple and quiet life. That’s why it didn’t take them too. Much time to get married.

And after one year of marriage, they. Had their first kid, Alan. Once 911 happened, Alex wanted to do. Something to take revenge. He wanted to join the army, especially. That his best friend Adam died in that day. Alex applied for the application but got refused. He didn’t tell his family that he wanted to join the army, but it was clear to them, especially to his wife, that he was about to do something.

After a year of the war in Afghanistan, he applied another request to join the army. And this time he got accepted. He was very happy when he found out that he got accepted. He returned back to the house and on his way back he was thinking, how can he tell his wife and children? He never said clearly that he would join the army. He was always saying that there must. Be something to do in order to help. And his wife was always responding there’s.

Nothing we can do for those soldiers. But pray for them. Alex knew that his wife hated the war like everyone else, for sure. But Tina had her own psychological problems. With that ugly thing called war. Dina was a little girl, almost in the same age as her daughter when she lost her father in the Vietnam War. Over 2 million American men had to. Be drafted to service in Vietnam and. An additional 8 million enlisted in the Vietnam War.

This choice to enlist was not because they wanted to go into war, but. Rather to beat the draft. However, many American men dropped everything they. Had and left the country to avoid the draft. And an estimated 5700 were draft offenders. The number of imprisoned men for draft. Offending was swamping the judiciary system and. The men placed in the same place. As murderers, rapists and bank robbers were sentenced to.

If America hadn’t avoided the draft, then. Surely they’d be sent to fight. Thus, Americans were quite upset over the number of husbands, fathers and brothers that. Were taken away from their families to fight in this, Dina’s father was one of those 2 million. He never wanted to leave his family to go to the war, but he didn’t have any chance of going. Like many other Americans, Dina saw the Vietnam War was an extreme waste of time and energy in the minds of the American people.

Dina thought that the war in Afghanistan. Isn’T different than the war in Vietnam. But she couldn’t say that to anyone at the time because she knew how. People were feeling about this war. The only one who realized was her. Husband, who was still thinking in a. Way to tell her his decision. Finally, Alex decided that he would tell. His wife right away, without any introductions.

Dina didn’t believe that her husband’s leaving. She told him, you’re leaving this house. Don’t come back again to it because. You won’t find us. Alex tried to speak reasonably with his. Wife, but she didn’t give him any chance. She told them clearly that going to. Afghanistan will end their relationship. Alex found himself in a very difficult situation. On one hand, he wanted to take revenge to his friends and all the.

Other Americans who died in the attack. And on the other hand, he didn’t. Want to lose his family and all. That he worked so hard for in his life. After a lot of thinking, Alex decided. To go to Afghanistan anyway. And because he knew that he’ll not. Be able to tell his wife in. The face, he left her and the kids a note informing them that he. Left to protect them from enemies and that they’ll talk about that as a. Family when he returns.

When she found the note of her. Husband, dina got very angry. She started to scream all over the house. Luckily, the kids were in school and they didn’t see their mother becoming crazy. Dina stayed on the floor crying for the whole morning. After that, she decided she will not. Tell the kids about the note that she found this morning. When her kids got back from school. She told them that their father’s on a work trip and he’ll be back.

In just a few days. On the other side of the world, Alex arrived in Afghanistan and it didn’t take him long to realize that his. Wife was right and that he wasn’t. Taking revenge for anyone. What was happening in Afghanistan wasn’t any. Different from what happened in Vietnam or. Even what happened in America on September 11. War is ugly wherever it was, but. That wasn’t his only problem. Since he arrived to Afghanistan, he couldn’t communicate with his family. No one returned his calls at home, he tried to send them messages, but.

He never received any response. Because of that, Alex requested to go. Back home, but his request was denied. He needed to wait and continue fighting until they allowed him to travel. Alex was feeling very bad at this time. He missed his family, especially his kids. But he didn’t have any chance but waiting. After a while, Alex was ordered to. Go on a mission where there was.

A very aggressive battle. All Alex remembered from this day the. Sound of one of his friends screaming watch out. Then he woke up in the hospital. Where he’d been informed that he stepped. On an explosive mind and he lost both of his legs. Alex was shocked and started crying. The most difficult thing about his situation was that he couldn’t even call his. Family and ask for their support. He knew perfectly that they wouldn’t return his calls. The nights were long for poor Alex in the hospital.

He was thinking about what Dean had told him. He wished that he’d listen to her. After a while, Alex was sent back. To America, where he stayed in the hospital for a while before they sent him back home. On his way back to home, Alex. Was wondering if his family still lived in the house or if they already left. He was wondering if they knew what. Happened to him or not. When he got back home, he realized that Deena took the kids and left the city.

Dina left a note to Alex to. Tell him that they left him using. The same way that he used a year ago. Alex felt so lonely and upset he was even considering killing himself. One day, Alex found a dog in his backyard. The dog looked like he was tired and hungry. Alex fed him and gave him water. Alex decided to keep that dog instead. Of living alone in the big house. The dog and Alex became very close friends. The dog was very loyal to Alex.

One day, Alex was sleeping, and once. He woke up, he found a guy with a knife over his head. The guy told Alex that he knew that he’d be an easy target, and he laughed. The guy told Alex that he didn’t. Need to ask him not to move. Because he knew perfectly that he couldn’t go anywhere. Suddenly, the dog showed up and attacked the guy.

The dog could drop the knife from the bad guy. The guy ran away from the house, but the police caught up with him after they reviewed the security cameras. The dog became a local hero, and even a local newspaper posted a story with a photo for him and Alex. Once she knew what happened to her.

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