When Mom sees the boy returning home holding the baby, she phones 911

Josh's parents had separated when he was a teenager. Reuniting his family was his one and only desire. Everything seemed unattainable until Josh returns home carrying a newborn.

sixteen years old Seated on his bed, Josh looked longingly at a phone picture of him, his father Derek, and his mother Betty enjoying a picnic. He longed to rewind time and return to his family's more blissful days with all his heart. Josh had always desired a big family, but recent occurrences had only caused his current little family to fall apart. His father had already gone on with a new lady before the divorce was formalized, and his parents had recently split.

Josh did his best to keep his relationship with his father intact since he had a strong affinity to him since he was a young boy. Josh found the divorce tough, and he missed having both of his parents close by. It wasn't as shocking, though, because his parents would often argue and fight.

"Josh, what are you doing?" walking into Josh's room, Betty said.

"Nothin', Mom. Observing this old photo of you and your father. The picnic was fantastic. Josh laughed and continued, "I remember being so mad with you guys for eating all the strawberries.

"Oh, yes, this is what I recall. Sitting next to her son, Betty remarked, "It was such a long time ago, such a different time." "However, I hope you realize that your dad and I are no longer on speaking terms. He appears to simply be concerned with himself these days; he is not the same man as when he was here. Josh remarked, "I just wish things could go back to how they used to be."

Well, Josh, that's just life. Things shift," Betty murmured as she stood up. "Come now, get ready for school."

Betty hoped her kid would realize his father was not the saint he held in such high regard. Derek was a laid-back, carefree sort of person. He preferred things to be simple. He was so disappointed to surrender his independence to the obligations of fatherhood when Betty became pregnant with Josh.

Josh was supposed to have his first meeting with Sylvia, his father's new partner, later that week. Josh was glad to see his dad, but he wasn't overly thrilled to meet his new lady. His father had thought that it would help resolve their issues. He remained hopeful that his family would reunite, and Sylvia was only a hindrance.

Derek responded, "Hi champ," and let Josh in.

Josh greeted, "Hi, Dad," as he walked into the compact apartment.

Derek responded, "So glad you could make it," to a young woman who came up to him in the kitchen. He wrapped his arms around her and gave her a peck on the cheek. "Josh, I'd like you to finally meet your new mommy, Sylvia," stated Derek.

The word "new mommy" made Josh uneasy right away, but he remained silent.

"This is Josh, my kid, Sylvia. Shaking hands with Josh, Sylvia remarked, "Nice to meet you."

"Nice to meet you too," Josh said in a nonchalant manner. Josh was struck by how beautiful Sylvia was. Her face had a certain kindness about it, but she was not his mother's equal and would never be able to take her place.

That evening, Sylvia, Josh, and Derek enjoyed a fantastic meal. Josh was delighted to get some time to spend with his father at last. Sadly, Sylvia was receiving the most of his attention, and he started to feel like a third wheel. But as the evening wore on, Josh started to become fond of Sylvia. After supper, they had a great time completing a puzzle that they both loved. In the end, Sylvia and Josh even exchanged phone numbers.

Josh informed his mother all that had happened when he arrived home later that day. Betty went completely crazy as soon as she heard about the remark about becoming a "new mommy".

"New mommy?" Betty washed the dishes and cried out in horror. Has Derek gone entirely insane? I believe he was only kidding. In an attempt to console his irate mother, who was chopping onions, Josh added, "I'll admit it was in bad taste, but don't read too much into it, Mom." It was obvious that the remark was a small matter that he should have kept private.

Betty banged pots and pans together and yelled, "No, Josh, you can't say things like that." Feeling frustrated, she carried on with the dishes. "Listen, I don't want you going over there anymore," she said.

"That's not fair, Mom. Josh grumbled, "You can't just forbid me from seeing my own father."

"Yes, I can and will. "I also don't want you to get in touch with him or communicate with him," Betty said angrily.

Josh was aware that his mother would be furious and knew better than to dispute with her. With regret, he left and went to his room. After a few weeks, Josh and Sylvia continued to communicate on occasion, but they were still not in contact with his father. Josh's new friendship with Sylvia helped him keep an eye on his father, who was frequently difficult to get in touch with.

Josh got a startling call from Sylvia one day. "Hey Josh. Sylvia sobbed, "I had no idea who else to call." Josh, your dad abandoned me. When I informed him I was expecting, he simply got up and walked away. Sylvia sobbed, "I'm at a loss for what to do.

Josh just stated, "Sylvia, I'm so sorry." He didn't know how to manage such a circumstance because he was only a teenager.

Josh, please provide a hand. Since I'm an immigrant, my family is not from here. I'm by myself," Sylvia begged.

"I'll try to talk to my mother and see if she can help," stated Josh. Josh attempted to speak with his mother, but as soon as she heard Sylvia's name, she became completely hostile. His only hope was his mother. There wasn't much Josh, a sixteen-year-old, could do to help the woman.

Time passed quickly, and Josh's dysfunctional family life continued to cause him pain. His mother had grown more stern, his father had long since passed away, and all warmth and fun had vanished from his house. Betty was waiting for Josh to arrive home one evening since they had an appointment with a lawyer and it was becoming late.

"Where is this boy?" Frustrated that this was her eleventh call going unanswered, Betty pondered. Josh was not one to go missing, so something was clearly off. The door opened at last, just as Betty was about to dial 911, and there on the threshold was Josh, holding a baby.

Whose baby is that, Josh? Where did you discover the kid?" Betty enquired.

"I'm sorry, Mom, but I had to stay with him." This is my brother and Sylvia's child," Josh clarified.

Betty was going to snap. She was astounded that her son had so openly lied to her. Reaching for her phone, she phoned 911. However, she felt her heart sink at the sight of the small child in Josh's arms as her blood began to boil. Choosing to remain composed, she listened to Josh.

"You are aware that when Dad found out Sylvia was pregnant, he broke up with her. Being an immigrant, she didn't have any relatives here, so when he departed, she was alone herself. Her health suffered during the pregnancy and delivery; a few days after she was released from the hospital, she was admitted and is currently receiving urgent care, according to Josh.

"And what do you fall into all this, Josh?" With anxiety, Betty enquired.

"That was the only point of contact Sylvia had at the hospital, so the doctor called me while I was in school and said she needed someone to take care of the baby while Sylvia was in recovery," Josh recalled.

Josh, you're sixteen! What was your strategy in this instance?" Frustrated, Betty asked.

"He's family, Mom, I apologize. I have to take action," Josh said.

Betty knew she would have to take this youngster in. She told Josh that he would have to take care of his brother on his own, but in the interim, she hoped Sylvia would soon recover and take her child. Josh made every effort to get in touch with his father, but as soon as he learned about the baby, the dad hung up. Josh recognized that he was the only one in the circumstance.

He became a mother and a babysitter for the following few days. He nursed and cleaned the infant, placed him to sleep, and kept a close eye on him the entire time. He had been waiting all along for word from the hospital that Sylvia had at last fully healed and was ready to take the baby home. Josh was disappointed to hear the news when the hospital finally phoned.

Over the phone, the doctor remarked, "Sorry to inform you, sir, but Sylvia passed away earlier today from organ failure." Gazing at the orphan youngster, Josh cringed to think about the child's future. He would have to be admitted into the system and ultimately made available for adoption. Though Josh hated the thought of his brother growing up in the system, it appeared he had no choice—or did he?

Josh got a strange thought all of a sudden. Though it was a long shot, he had run out of choices.

"Josh, no way! "I refuse to be this child's guardian." As her son attempted to present his concept to her at the dinner table, Betty became enraged.

"Please, mother. I'll adopt him when I reach adulthood. Josh begged, "Please.

"No, Josh. I apologize, but none of us, especially you, are prepared for that kind of responsibility. "I want to stop talking about this," Betty said in closing.

When Josh gathered his brother's belongings the following day and got ready to send him to the hospital, he broke down in tears. Betty saw her broken-hearted son pick up his brother's baggage and go tearfully to the door. As soon as he reached the door, Betty stopped him.

"Hold on, Josh. Perhaps we could try out your suggestion. After all, he is family," Betty remarked.

A few months later, Betty was formally appointed Sylvia's child's guardian. After coming to adore the child, she gave him the name Andrew in honor of her grandfather. They all learned to love baby Andrew and he became an important member of their family. Josh found the same happiness in Andrew's presence as he had before his parents' divorce.

Josh finally adopted his brother Andrew after turning eighteen. By that time, Josh was engaged to his fiancée, and the two tied the knot a few years later. She and Betty assumed a motherly role when she happily entered tiny Andrew's lives.

Derek phoned one day while Betty, Andrew, Josh, and his wife were spending the day at the park. In an attempt to make up for everything that had transpired, he spoke with Betty. It had only just come to his attention that Sylvia had died, but he was now ready to take on the role of father.

Betty said, "It's too late, Derek," as she observed Josh, his spouse, and little Andrew having fun at the park. "Little Andrew already has a very loving family." I would really hate for you to ruin that. Farewell. 

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