He couldn’t stop crying when he realized who his wife adopted

He couldn’t stop crying when he realized who his wife adopted the world might be full of disappointing characters and bad news but every once in a while we hear of an everyday hero that is to say someone whose deeds are so pure they’re almost too good to be true the only house that accepts orphans and children who are about to die in los angeles is my house

I’ve dealt with 80 children since 1989. 10 children lost their lives in my arms bazique told image losing one child feels like the end of the world but to lose ten for many the idea is unfathomable but for mohammed baziq being there to love and support terminally ill children and the foster care system is his purpose forty years ago bazik immigrated to the u.s from libya

Twenty-five years ago he and his late wife realized just how big a difference they could make in the lives of kids who had no one to turn to born in libya bizek came to the united states as a college student in 1978 and married dawn in 1989. in 1995 we decided to adopt orphans left at hospitals or taken from their families by the state because of violence and pressure physique explained after his wife’s passing bizek doubled

Down on his life-changing work he provides abandoned terminally ill children with round-the-clock care a safe home and most importantly unwavering love at the same time physique cares for his biological son who was born with dwarfism and a genetic disorder that affects his bones in la bazeek works directly with the department of child services who have come to rely upon him in the most

Heartbreaking situations they tell me when children are about to die and ask if i can adopt them they know that i do not hesitate to accept if i don’t they’re sent to hospitals and don’t have a family or house however when i take them they feel a family atmosphere they feel safe and are loved until the end of their lives when children come into his care without names he names them

He opens his heart at home often becoming the first person to show his foster kids what it means to be loved if physique didn’t take in these terminally ill children they’d die alone in the hospital they would have lived a far too short life never having experienced a bond with another person i believe each kid has rights to have a family physique said in a video for his gofundme

Mom and dad brothers and sisters and those kids in the system they have nobody seems to be the world has forgotten about them dawn’s grandparents had been foster parents and she was inspired by them before she met physique she opened her home as an emergency shelter for foster children who needed immediate placement or who were placed in protective custody together dawn and physique have cared

For dozens of children and developed their deepest bond with disabled and abandoned children who needed love and kindness the most their lives have value it makes me happy when i see them smiling and know they’re happy and content he says you don’t need words to know that his wife passed away a few years ago but muhammad decided to keep doing what he loves after his wife dawn’s death he said it only seemed natural to continue

Ten of the foster children have passed away in his care some have died in his arms mohamed bazik knew they would die but he took them in anyway bazik lives in los angeles and is the only foster parent in the county known to take in these terminally ill children the children require round-the-clock care almost all the children who spent their final years with physique were sent to

Him directly from los angeles county hospitals as infants where they were given up or abandoned by parents who were unable to care for them if anyone calls us and says this kid needs to go home on hospice there’s only one name we think of said melissa an intake coordinator who finds placement for sick children he’s the only one that would take a child who would possibly not make it physique has one biological child of his

Own adam a son who was born with brittle bone disease and dwarfism physique now cares for eight-year-old deaf and blind girl with a rare brain defect i know she can’t hear can’t see but i always talk to her he says i’m always holding her playing with her touching her she has feelings she has a soul she’s a human being physique spends long days and sleepless nights caring for a bedridden

Eight-year-old foster girl with a rare brain defect she’s blind and deaf she has daily seizures her arms and legs are paralyzed the only way to communicate with her is by touch physique tells people and so i hold her i want her to know that somebody is here for her somebody loves her she’s not alone tens of thousands of dollars were donated when physique’s gofundme page

Was launched with a total of more than half a million dollars today people are still contributing money almost every day here are some of the things that the donations are being used for air conditioning and heating mohammed is going to get central air conditioning and heating both of muhammad’s children have problems regulating body temperature right now muhammad just has a swamp

Cooler in his living room he mentioned in the summer when it gets hot the family has to spend all their time in the living room near the swamp cooler support muhammad has not taken a single day off since 2010 in 2010 he took six weeks off to visit family in libya but apart from that he hasn’t taken a day off the donations will enable muhammad to

Hire another nurse if he needs additional support or needs to take a break adam’s education muhammad is very happy to be able to use some of the donations towards his son adams college education a new van mohamed has a 2003 van he’s very dependent on his van to take his children to doctor and hospital visits he would like to use part of the

Donation to get a new wheelchair accessible vehicle roof repairs muhammad mentioned that his roof has been leaking badly for a while he said the donations came at just the right time gofundme organizer margaret cotts wanted to help this selfless foster father and ended up changing both of their lives a guest post written by margaret cotts i was feeling disheartened i had read some

Callous comments in an online news story about refugees it seemed that many of the commenters were indifferent to human suffering but then i came across an article that ended up changing my life i read about muhammad bizek in a piece by haley branson potts in the la times mohammed has been a foster parent for over 20 years he is the only foster parent in los angeles county who takes in terminally ill children he’s fostered more than 80 children half of those were

Terminally ill 10 died in his home muhammad described caring for his foster daughter who is blind deaf paralyzed and developmentally disabled i’m always holding her playing with her touching her she has feelings she has a soul she’s a human being when i read that line i burst into tears i was moved by his love and care for the most vulnerable members of our society by his genuine kindness and compassion

Mohammed provides round-the-clock care for his foster daughter he sleeps next to her on the couch so he can suction her in case she starts choking in the middle of the night or has a seizure mohammed also cares for his biological son adam who has brittle brown disease this ceaseless dedication touched me when i was younger i worked as a caregiver but i could always go home after my shift not like the 24 hours a day care muhammad provides

Muhammad lives his life by spiritual principles he’s patient and accepting reading about him helped restore my faith in humanity he demonstrates how to be constructive positive and always of service when i reached the comments section of the article someone had suggested starting a gofundme for muhammad within minutes i contacted the author and started setting up a campaign with the hopes of giving him some comfort and

Rest i had no idea of how big the gofundme would get i originally set the goal at thirty thousand dollars then as the donations poured in that first day i raised it to sixty thousand dollars then one hundred thousand dollars right now more than seven thousand people from across the world have donated more than three hundred ninety thousand dollars to give back to this man who’s given so much

I originally set out to help muhammad but in the end the campaign ended up helping me i had been depressed for months there was something about taking that action of setting up the campaign and focusing on another person that got me out of my funk it was healing to see the outpouring of love and donations and kind messages from muhammad i know my part in this is small people donated because they were moved by

Muhammad’s story i was simply an administrator setting up the gofundme also made me realize that it’s okay to ask for help it inspired me to set up my own campaign i’m working on a website about low-tech communication for people who can’t speak there’s a great deal of fear uncertainty and hate in the news today focusing on the good and taking action to start the campaign made me feel less powerless

It feels good to be part of something larger than myself the average life expectancy for babies with a severe brain injury which has caused very severe cerebral palsy affecting the whole body including the loss of the ability to swallow causing a need for tube feeding along with severe visual impairment his late teens to early 20s and i knew that some people with good support sometimes it’s helpful for a child to

Focus on what a family believes is happening for the family member based on their faith children sometimes hear what they’re told in unexpected ways a child whose mama got sick and died was terrified anytime someone so much as caught a cold because he thought they could die and leave him that said if they can understand then it’s a good thing to tell children about the death of a loved one because

Children have to learn that death happens and is part of life cycle just as much as birth is and how to deal with it when it happens to those they love or care about as they grow up what muhammad give to them is purely love love is one of those things that cannot be described until a person in your life tells you its true meaning and time in action

That reminds me when our life as infants are very dependent on parental help love therefore has been a mechanism to promote the same parental support of children physique is of the view that there are always more good things in the world than bad things nobody wants to be alone we need each other he told aj plus what an inspiring man and truly one worthy of praise and tribute

Thank you mohammed for everything you do you truly are a real life hero and the world should know your name the world is a better place because you’re in it thanks for reading.

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