Seconds after Birth A Baby was Caught Doing THIS to her Mom …


Giving birth is the most painful process after being burned alive it feels so much pain and stress for the woman but at the same time it’s the most precious thing on earth and the mother immediately forgot all this pain once she hears her child crying voice even the medical experts who assisted in the delivery of the baby were taken aback by this rapid emotional connection between a newborn girl and her mother

It was fortunate that the emotional moment was captured on camera allowing everyone to witness it for themselves in this adorable video from brazil a newborn infant is introduced to her mother for the first time it seemed that brenda qualo d’souza 24 and her daughter agata are holding hands and holding each other agatha was born through c-section and this adorable footage was captured only seconds after her birth

In a video captured moments after her c-section delivery a newborn baby in brazil clings to her mother’s face as she breathes her first breath brenda colo d’souza 24 gave birth to her daughter agata ribiero coho on april 5th at the santa monica hospital in brazil she’s the youngest of three children soon after her birth little agata is placed near to her mother’s face squeezing against her as they finally meet for the first time

First encounter is adorable both of them lying on the ground with their eyes closed i had a wrapped in a green blanket in what appears to be a pure love embrace according to miss souza who works as an administrative assistant it was an unbelievable moment when my daughter touched me for the very first time the medical crew was wonderful and they were all taken aback by how attentive she was with me they couldn’t believe

How affectionate she was agatha is currently three months old and in good health ms souza went on to say i enjoy being a mother what happened between the little baby and her mother is calling skin-to-skin contact and it’s more important than you think it can save lives of both the child and the mother what is the definition of skin-to-skin contact

After birth a baby is dried and set immediately on their mother’s bare chest both of them covered in a warm blanket and left for at least an hour or until the first feed skin to skin contact can also be used to comfort or calm a newborn as well as to increase a mother’s milk production skin-to-skin contact often known as kangaroo care is essential in newborn wards it offers improved physical and developmental results for the newborn

And helps parents bond with their baby what are the benefits of skin skin-to-skin contact skin-to-skin contact after birth appears to benefit both babies and their mothers according to a growing body of studies the procedure is as follows it enables colonization of the baby’s skin with the mother’s friendly bacteria thus providing protection against infection stimulates the release of hormones to support breastfeeding and

Mothering calms and relaxes both mother and baby regulates the baby’s heart rate and breathing helping them to better adapt to life outside the womb stimulates digestion and an interest in feeding regulates temperature enables colonization of the baby’s skin with the mother’s friendly bacteria thus providing protection against infection skin and skin contact is also beneficial to newborns in the neonatal unit since

It improves oxygen saturation reduces cortisol or stress levels especially after painful procedures encourages pre-feeding behaviors aids in growth may reduce hospital stay improves milk volume if the mother expresses after a period of skin to skin contact with the expressed milk containing the most up-to-date antibodies what occurs when two people come into contact with each other’s skin skin-to-skin contact between a mother

And her baby after birth triggers powerful innate behaviors in both a burst of maternal hormones will cause the mother to smell stroke and interact with her infant after birth baby’s instincts will lead them to follow a unique procedure that if left unattended will result in their first breastfeed if infants are given the opportunity to become familiar with their mother’s breast and develop self-attachment

They’re more likely to remember this during subsequent feeds resulting in fewer breastfeeding issues babies who are placed skin-to-skin on their mother’s chest after birth will as they recover from the birth they’ll begin to wake up opening their eyes and showing some response to their mother’s voice they begin to make small movements of the arms shoulders and head as these movements increase the baby will draw up

Their knees and appear to move or crawl towards the breast after a period of rest they may begin to familiarize themselves with the breast maybe by nuzzling smelling and licking around the area this might be misinterpreted as the baby not being hungry or not wanting to feed this familiarization period can last for some time and is important should not be rushed try to remain patient and allow the baby to work out how to best attach

Themselves come off the breast once they have had the chance to suckle for a period of time it’s possible that mother and baby will require some assistance with positioning at this stage following this both the mother and the baby are likely to fall asleep the process will be followed by most term healthy newborns if it’s not interrupted by anything such as bringing

The baby away to be weighed or the mother having a shower interrupting the process before the baby has finished the sequence or rushing them through the stages may result in issues during subsequent breastfeeds if the mother was given a lot of analgesia during labor the infant may be drowsy making the process take longer in the baby friendly guidelines skin-to-skin contact is required skin-to-skin contact is respected and

Encouraged in hospitals according to the baby-friendly criteria maternity homes must comply with the following requirements all mothers have skin-to-skin contact with their babies after birth at least until after the first feed and for as long as they wish all mothers are encouraged to offer the first feed and skin contact when the baby shows signs of readiness to feed mothers and babies who are unable to have skin contact

Immediately after birth are encouraged to begin skin contact as soon as they’re able whenever or whenever that may be mothers and babies who are unable to have skin contact immediately after birth are encouraged to begin skin contact as soon as they’re able neonatal units must ensure the following as soon as possible parents speak with a member of staff about the importance of touch comfort and communication for their baby’s health and development

Parents are urged to provide their baby with comfort and emotional support such as prolonged skin contact soothing touch and responding to their baby’s behavioral signs mothers are given care that aids in the transition to breastfeeding including a skin-to-skin contact to facilitate instinctive feeding concerns about safety keeping an eye on the baby’s well-being shortly after birth and for the first few hours after

Birth is an important element of postnatal care as a result typical observations of the infant’s temperature breathing color and tone should continue during the skin-to-skin contact period just as they would if the baby were in a cut this includes calculation of the apgar score at 1 5 and 10 minutes following birth it’s imperative that the baby is kept warm at all times the mother should also

Be monitored with the infant being removed as soon as the mother’s health becomes a problem staff should speak with the mother and her companion about the need of recognizing changes in the baby’s color or tone as well as the necessity to notify staff right away if they’re worried to show you the importance of skin-to-skin contact we’re going to tell you a funny and strange story happened

To a man when he was paying his wife’s delivery costs after giving birth in the hospital the dad saw an unexpected charge on his bill after cuddling his newborn kid for the first time at a utah hospital last month 39.35 cents ryan grassley the man thought the allegation which looked to be for holding his kid to his wife’s chest was a joke

The charge was skin-to-skin after c-sec according to the description so when he uploaded a picture of the bill on reddit he didn’t take it too seriously however the tail swiftly gained traction as of wednesday it’s received 11 000 comments from other reddit users since it was posted monday evening and it climbed to the top of the internet’s first page as reddit refers to itself with over 6000 upvotes

People were moved by the reddit post because it seemed to reflect a widespread dissatisfaction with unexpected hospital fees and perplexing medical billing mr grassley a 37 year old from spanish fork utah claimed that his kid was born on september 4th mr grassley was asked if he and his wife whose name mr grassley is not given would like to hold their newborn following the surgery at utah valley hospital in provo

While a nurse snapped pictures mr grassley held the sun between his wife’s neck and chest he was charged the cost for this according to the bill’s description it’s about the same as a four-month netflix subscription the charge according to janet frank a spokeswoman for utah valley hospital was not for skin-to-skin contact which hospitals utilized to improve bonding and breastfeeding among other things the

Payment was occurred according to miss frank because an extra nurse was required in the operating room as mr grassley and his wife held their newborn son and the nurse was required to guarantee that both mom and baby remain safe an additional nurse is only brought into the operation room in the case of a c-section berth according to the statement when mr grassley realized the reddit

Thread was gathering traction he clarified that he and his wife were aware of the high expense of delivery before payments and adjustments the total charges on the bill including the c-section came to thirteen thousand two hundred eighty dollars and forty-nine cents everyone engaged in the process was nice and we had a positive experience he wrote adding we understand what we were signing up for and have some money saved

Up we just laughed out loud when we saw it on the bill of course not everyone can afford expensive charges which helps to explain why the message received so much attention mr grassley’s reddit post was full of horror stories regarding medical fees and the relative ease which they might be paid in other nations stephen brill authored a cover story for time magazine in 2013 exposing how

American hospitals can charge exorbitant prices for relatively routine treatments despite the fact that the piece contained many comparable anecdotes to mr grassley’s mr brill also pointed out that american health care is not governed by a rate setting system this implies that the federal government does not establish rates for services like skin-to-skin contact or bringing a second nurse to the operating room after a c-section

The hospitals decide the prices for patients who have private insurance or who are paying out-of-pocket state of utah does not have a rate-setting power on any plans outside of medicaid according to tom haddachko a spokesman for the state’s department of health miss frank the hospital spokeswoman first refused to disclose if the hospital set the amount for the nurse who was charged for mr grassley miss frank verified by email following

Repeated inquiries that the hospital heads at the charge which was decided as a consequence of nursing time we’re looking into how we can better characterize the service as it’s shown on a patient’s bill she said.

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