She gave her baby to the old man but what he did was wonderful

She gave her baby to the old man, but what he did was wonderful, don’t be in a hurry to make any decisions when you’re stirred up emotionally take some time to calm down before you think of the logical moves.

Don’t break relationships due to sudden burst of temper once broken, they could be beyond repair. The choices we make today, especially in our twenties, will determine what happens later on in our lives. It’S amazing, the difference being kind can make in someone’s life. You do it out of love, hopefully with friends and family, but just as important are complete strangers, the one kind act might have saved their life for all.

You know it’s easy for a person to react to others. Someone says something bad about you and you feel sad or angry. You want to lash out or hurt him or her back, but whatever reaction, you have simply shows how much control this person has over your life know that whatever happens, no one can determine your state of being. If you can control how you feel at any moment.

No matter what happens, you can respond in any way in terms of what you get in return while being surrounded by positivity, because you always are giving it out as part of the formula for true happiness.

Not everyone is going to be interested in you. Some women may find you to be completely boring, awkward, desperate and unattractive, but the right women for you there may be more than one in this course of your life – will stick around the right. Woman will want to stay and have a conversation after you buy her. A drink the right woman will want to go on that second and third date. So don’t waste your time blaming getting angry or trying to force interaction with the women who aren’t right for you because you will come out of it.

Looking like a complete [, __ ] james david was used to living alone and by the time he turned 55 years old, he was an invertebrate bachelor sure he has casual relationships with various women once in a while, but they never turned into anything serious. At the same time, james was a wealthy self-made man, it’s not like. He had a seven figure bank account, but brandon did have a big house and a dodge suv. James main passion wasn’t women or wealth, but travel and tourism. He was very fond of canoeing down a river hiking in the mountains or skiing.

During winter, such adventures usually gave the man, unforgettable emotions and a sense of freedom which he didn’t have in new york. That’S why brandon bought himself an suv which was large enough for him to take various equipment on his trips. Since the man didn’t have a family, he went on long journeys without feeling guilty or letting anyone down. He tried to find a new place to visit on each of his trips. It could be the mountains of montana, more the dense forests of maine or the snow-capped peaks of alaska.

The positive emotions that james got from trips couldn’t be described in words, the man loved each of his adventures, which eventually became the meaning of his life, but it was one specific trip that james remembered, especially well that summer he explored the mountains of montana. As part of a tour group and met a woman named anna maria, the young beauty, woman turned out to be a really good climber and got to the mountain peak before anyone else in the group. James immediately noticed the woman who stood out from all the other tourists. It just so happened that when they were setting up camp, the tents of the two young people were placed nearby, which gave them a reason to start talking. Feeling a growing attraction to anna maria james did his best to jump her.

He had an excellent sense of humor, which usually made women fall for him. Thus, their conversation ended with a night spent in anna maria’s tent, but it could hardly be called a fling or momentary weakness. Anna maria and james were good together and they both knew it. But when the trip came to an end, all the tourists set off in a different direction, as did the couple. The fact was that james and anna maria lived in different cities several hundreds of miles, apart from each other, the young people promised to call each other and certainly see each other again, and they did keep their promise at first.

There were calls and conversations about everything in the world. A month later, james started distancing himself from anna maria and his feelings for her gradually faded away. The long-distance relationship just could not compete with the charm of the women that were physically around james did not really feel very sad about the end of their relationship. He was a free spirit and enjoyed traveling a lot. He also loved his job that provided him with the decent income.

James was the head of the sales department and was known as a talented leader and a responsible employee and the determined young man came to the office before anyone else and stayed there late into the night. He usually stopped by the supermarket after work to get himself something for dinner. In addition, that day was no exception, leaving his car in the supermarket parking lot. James headed for the store. At that very moment he saw a young woman with a girl who appeared to be five or six years old.

They were sitting on a bench shivering in the cold piercing wind, the woman’s face seemed vaguely familiar to james as he approached her. He felt a sense of pity for the woman and the child. It was obvious that the woman had some problems which she simply couldn’t solve on her own hello. Ma’Am. Are you all right?

Is there anything i can help you with james asked cautiously the woman sighed? Sadly, in response and shook her head somewhat indifferently at that moment, the girl sitting next to her said we just moved here, sir. We have nowhere to live and nothing to eat. We came here so i could get my surgery. It was only now james saw her miniature cane standing next to the bench.

Apparently, the girl had problems with her legs, which made her unable to walk properly. The kiddo’s words shocked james, so much that he stopped and wrinkles his forehead thoughtfully then, as if having made some important decision, he suggested you know what let me take you to my place. I have a big house and there’s enough space for everyone. Don’T be afraid. I won’t harm you there’s my car right there you see the woman smiled sweetly.

It was obvious that she was very interested in the offer made by the good looking man dressed in an expensive suit. Okay, go wait in the car and i’ll get some groceries real, quick james said and gave the young woman the keys to his car. The stranger felt a little uncomfortable for a moment, but she helped her son up and led him to the car parked nearby at the store james bought twice as much food, as he usually did. On top of that, he took an additional carton of milk and some sweets for the girl. Returning to his car, james was pleased to see the young mother and her girl were already waiting for him in the spacious cabin of his car, the kiddo locked the cars.

So much that he was ready to live in it on their way to james’s house. The young people started talking and james found out that the woman’s name was elizabeth and her girl was annabelle. It was obvious that they were very poor as it turned out. The girl has a congenital disease of the leg joints, which prevented her from being able to walk properly in order to treat her condition james needed surgery that could only be done in new york. At some point, james found himself thinking once again that elizabeth’s face seemed familiar, but on the other hand he knew perfectly well that he had never seen her before in his life.

He never knew a woman with that name. Arriving at the house. James got out of the car and opened the front door, then smiling sweetly. He invited the guests to come inside, for reasons unknown to himself james felt happy that he would no longer have to live alone. In this big house, the man showed elizabeth and annabelle.

The bathroom and the kitchen and led them to their own room james, was very surprised that elizabeth had nothing with her apart from a small travel bag. Fortunately, the man had some women’s clothes which he bought for the rare occasions of when some women stayed at his house. Your house is so big and beautiful. It’S nothing like the shack annabelle and i used to live in elizabeth said with the light i’m good at my job, so i can afford it. James, retorted, jokingly, being a gracious host james quickly, whipped up the dinner that consisted of scrambled eggs, bacon and toast.

There was also an apple pie and cranberry juice for dessert, which james had the foresight to buy at the store. Since elizabeth and annabelle had to go to the hospital the next day, they all decided to go to bed early, but, unlike his guests, james couldn’t fall asleep for a long time tossing and turning in bed. The man tried to remember where he could have seen elizabeth before, but no matter how hard james tried to strain his memory. He couldn’t find the answer to the nagging question the next morning. He woke up before everyone else and made fresh coffee, the aroma of which immediately woke elizabeth and annabelle in order for them to be able to make it to the clinic easier james volunteered to drive them there.

When breakfast was over, they all got ready and set out on their way. But when elizabeth was getting into the car, her purse opened and a small photo fell out onto the pavement. Wanting to help the woman james quickly picked up the picture and having glanced at it froze in surprise is something wrong. Elizabeth asked: what’s concerning her voice, leaving the woman’s question unanswered, james stood and stared at the photo without looking up. The fact was, the man had already seen this photo before and it was actually james who took the shot on a hiking trip in the mountains of montana.

He was the only one missing from the group of the tourists pictured in this shot. How did you get this picture? Only the members of this group had it, but you definitely weren’t there james asked when he came to his senses. It’S not mine. It’S my sister, anna maria brought it from her trip to the mountains of montana.

Fortunately, she died in childbirth. Annabelle is actually her girl and i know nothing about her husband. Elizabeth replied lowering her voice. Apparently the woman really did not want annabelle to hear their conversation. At that moment, james felt slightly dizzy and trying to keep his balance leaned against the door of his car.

Looking at elizabeth, the man decided to postpone the trip to the hospital and tell her everything he knew. The fact was that james had already done the math in his head and had figured out that there was a very big chance that he was the father of anna maria’s child. Nevertheless, the man really did not want to tell elizabeth about it, because in the eyes of the young woman, he was the bastard who had abandoned her sister in a difficult situation. Choosing his words carefully meant stammering at every syllable, james told elizabeth, the whole truth. From start to finish, the woman listened quietly, never once interrupting his story, but she could not hold back her tears james kept talking and talking trying to justify himself and elizabeth’s eyes.

Of course, if he were a wizard, he could rewind time and he would have certainly gone back to the past and would never have parted with anna maria. Unfortunately, all he could do was feel deep regret from his past actions and hope that elizabeth and annabelle could forgive him. Fortunately, elizabeth chose not to hold the grudge against him, understood that the mistakes of the past could no longer be corrected and that annabelle’s health had to be their top priority. Now, having bared his soul, annabelle started his car and took elizabeth and annabelle to the hospital, but when the girl and her adoptive mother got out of their appointment with the doctor who specialized in musculoskeletal system, they had somewhat unfortunate news to share. The fact was that the surgery costs a lot of money.

Elizabeth left, the doctor’s office with tears in her eyes and only annabelle looked calm, since he was too young to understand what it all meant. It’S very expensive, james i’ll never be able to raise so much money. The woman whispered with the saab deep down james had already made up his mind and wasn’t going to go back on his decision upon learning the amount required for annabelle’s surgery. He sold this car to a work colleague who had been expressing interest in it. For a long time, then james took out a loan putting up his property on collateral.

He added this money to the proceeds he got from selling the car. Fortunately, this amount was more than enough for the doctors to start training annabelle, while the girl was in surgery. Elizabeth stayed in his room, refusing to leave her post even for a minute. Meanwhile, brennan didn’t sit around and was making arrangements for his girls physical therapy for after the surgery, upon learning that the surgery went well, james was relieved and extremely happy. Now the man knew that he would never leave his son again and make sure that both annabelle and elizabeth are fully truly happy.

James was 100 sure that annabelle was his biological daughter. However, he still needed to get a paternity test in order to officially prove kinship. All this time, annabelle and elizabeth lived in james’s house and they all turned into one real family. Do you ever notice that, when you’re having a bad day, if someone that you considered a kind person comes over in a good mood, and it kind of makes you lighten up a little from dwelling in anger, they may even get you to smile a lot of The problems we have are things that we should be mature enough to. Let go of kind of people also tend to have better health, and they don’t stress as much as mean people mean combative.

People are usually the ones who have strokes. Heart attacks high blood pressure, things like that, because they’re so darn pessimistic. What do you accomplish with anger and hate? Nothing but anger and hate and murder? A year later, james and elizabeth got married, which was a logical continuation of their romantic relationship playing with annabelle on the playground behind the house.

The young parents were seriously considering having another child, although they haven’t made that decision. Yet. Meanwhile, james and elizabeth continue to enjoy family life, never failing to remember april, who was watching them from above and smiling. If you are nice to everyone, this does not mean everyone will be nice to you. It’S like you, do not eat the tigers, so the tiger won’t eat you.

It’S completely absurd, be nice anyway always be prepared for the worst. Things will never be perfect. Things will not be at their places. Things will not be in sequence. Everything will be so messed up, be it career, relationship goal, etc.

So be ready to accept the odds. Your true goal will always be criticized. Some people will discourage you, some will advise you not to go for it. Some will call you stupid and almost negligible will truly enthuse. You.

Don’T worry, still chase the goal. There’S nothing like true friendship, true relationship, true love. When it comes to pampering, everybody leaves if someone stays, that person can be considered as the true friend or true love else. Generally, nobody would care about you, you’re, actually, nothing. A good time is very rare, but it comes good.

Things will happen when the time is right. Great deeds will come at great costs. The cost can be in the form of money, love, health, etc. It will not be so easy. It will always be too complicated, that is, life anyways.

It is never wrong to be kind-hearted, but being kind-hearted does not mean that one should be passive, that one should stay quiet with experiencing injustice, that one should say yes to every single request. Being kind-hearted means we do the right thing by every single individual. Therefore kind heartedness will manifest in different ways with different people to be kind hearted to one person. We may need to give them a hug and listen to their problems while to be kind-hearted to another person, we may need to tell them their faults. One thing i often hear people saying is: i’m going to stop being kind-hearted to people because they tread all over me.

There are two problems with this statement. Being kind-hearted does not mean we bend over backwards for others, as i briefly explained above don’t give up your career and dreams for anyone. You will only regret later.

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