She Said Don’t leave me Grandpa, But His Answer Will Break Your Heart

 Grandparents are the most indulgent beings on the face of the planet. They look after us, they love us, and they even go out of their way to spend time with us on a regular basis. The fact is that nothing makes them. Happier than spending time with their cherished grandchildren. Those who make them feel happy and. Content, those who are the source of.

Their joy and contentment. The love of a grandparent is more. Valuable than anything else in the universe. Angelo was born in Mexico to a. Family of seven siblings. He was the youngest of the siblings. He was prone to taunting from his. Brothers, as well as to the practical jokes they’d make about him. In spite of the fact that their relationship appeared to be somewhat convoluted, the truth is that they were deeply in.

Love with each other. After all, they were a family, and the most important thing to them was. To be with one another. Angelo has always had lofty ambitions in his professional and personal life. Since he was a child, he’s come. Up with some truly outrageous ideas. He enjoyed reading and was always thinking. About what might happen to him in.

The future, which was exactly what fate. Had in store for him. That was exactly what he had in mind at all times. Angelo was always someone who was interested in learning about everything. Even when he was a child, every. Time he came across something that piqued. His attention, he would take the time to research it. Everything you need to know about how this works.

In order to accomplish this, he had. A tendency to smash the items of his parents who reprimanded Angelo for his. Attitude and constantly reminded him that he was a very naughty child. An incident occurred on the day Angelo turned 13, and it caused his parents to become extremely upset. Angelo had snatched the radio and broken it with his bare hands, like if it were made of glass. Everything was done with the purpose of fixing it.

However, in his attempt, he wound up. Doing even more damage to it. When Angelo realized that he couldn’t do anything to rectify the situation, he became extremely nervous and didn’t know what to do. As a result, he went to hide the radio. His parents, on the other hand, didn’t take long to realize what had happened. To tell the truth, when they looked.

Inside, they discovered a very small screwdriver, which was a surprise. It was so small that it was virtually indistinguishable. However, it was precisely this that revealed his treachery. Several years have passed. Angelo was already 23 years old. That’s when he met Margo, who would be his life long companion after only. A short period of time. Angelo’s encounter with Margo was without a.

Doubt the best thing that had ever. Happened to him in his life. He had a peculiar sensation and according. To his own words, it felt like. Something uncontrollable was happening. To him. When Angelo and Margo reconnected after two. Years apart, angelo had the courage to. Take the next step. He proposed to Margot, who accepted without a second thought and with a great deal of excitement.

What happiness this couple must have felt when they realized that they would finally be able to propagate their love under. The auspices of something so sacred as marriage. The wedding day was unquestionably a memorable occasion. Nerves and happiness interacted in a variety of ways, producing hilarity among the guests. And consternation among the newlyweds. Despite everything, Angelo and Margo considered themselves.

To be forever blessed. The honeymoon night was just spectacular. Eventually, they came to the decision that they would bring it into the world. A small being who would bring them. A lot of joy, some sadness, some. Concern, but most of all, a great deal of love. Angelo and Margot were blessed with a healthy, beautiful baby girl whom they called Luna, a name that had special significance for them. It just so happened that the nights between the day they first met and the day Angelo proposed to her had.

Been full moon nights. After all, Luna is the Spanish word for moon. Angelo was devoted to his daughter and. Treated her with all the affection in the world. He took her to the park to play. He was able to make her chuckle. They spent their time together listening to. The radio and even slept next to each other. The feelings of love that Angelo experienced were indescribable. Unfortunately, when Luna reached for her, pleasant.

Life began to deteriorate, and it couldn’t have happened at a more inconvenient moment. For some reason, Luna had developed an excessive affection for her father to the. Point where witnessing him leave for work. Caused her tremendous pain. Angelo was transferred to a different city by the company for which he worked. They assured him that it would only be a matter of months and that. His income would be increased.

But the months turned into years as. Time went on and he began to. Divert his attention away from his young daughter. Angelo couldn’t keep his cool and inquired about Luna on a daily basis. Unfortunately, she had lost interest in learning. Anything more about him. Luna had slipped into a state of sadness as a result of her father’s prolonged absence, and she was certain that he had abandoned her because he no. Longer wanted to see her.

Angelo tried everything he could to go back to his place as quickly as possible. He yearned for the carefree days of. Her childhood, and it was this that. He wished to share with his own daughter most deeply. Unfortunately, he was powerless to prevent it from happening. The only thing he could do at. This point was wait. That was the case. Angelo was estranged from his family for around eight years. Throughout this time, he certainly didn’t agree.

With the fact that he was away. From his daughter because despite the fact. That he was making a lot of money at the time, his daughter’s childhood was more valuable to him. He couldn’t believe that he had given. Up the opportunity to spend time with. His daughter for the sake of money. Angelo was in tears when he realized. What had happened, and the only thing that brought him comfort was looking at. Old images of him and Luna. Luna had her daughter when she was.

25 years old, after a long period of waiting. When Angelo learned of this development, he. Was more than surprised. Never in his wildest dreams did he. Imagine himself as a grandfather one day. Seeing his young granddaughter was one of. The happiest moments in his entire life, and he couldn’t stop smiling. He recalled the day Luna was born. As well as all the accomplishments they’d. Achieved as a couple. Consequently, Angelo told his daughter that she. Was making him the happiest father on.

The planet, which she accepted. Luna’s response was a frigid smile, which. Was all she had. Unfortunately, little Louise’s father was not present. At her birth, and her mother’s work. Schedule prohibited her from spending much time. With her young daughter. Because of how exhausted she was, he. Only dedicated herself to sleeping while she. Was in her home, which was every time Angelo took advantage of the opportunity and began spending quality time with his young granddaughter.

They went to the park to see the animals. They ran together, and it was because of Angelo that Louisa was able to. Walk for the first time. Louisa had without a doubt, come to make Angelo happy, as well as to. Encourage forgiveness between father and daughter. Well, one day, while Angelo and Luna. Were talking, angelo expressed his regret for not having spent enough time with her. He meant it when he said he was sorry. He continued to describe everything that had.

Happened to him, as well as the fact that he cried every night because. He wished to be with her, and. Knowing that he couldn’t be with her broke his heart. In addition, the death of his wife brought him even more anguish and heartbreak. And the fact that he had to be alone at home for a period of time caused him to doubt his existence even further. As soon as Luna heard what had happened, she couldn’t stop herself from crying. And hugging her father, telling him, the only thing I ever wanted was for you to be there with me.

Angelo embraced her as well, and as. A result of this, they were able. To forgive each other. It was astonishing how little Louisa, completely. Unaware of what she was doing, was responsible for her grandfather’s reconciliation. No one could deny that the young child had arrived to transform their lives forever. Unfortunately, time is not on anyone’s side. At this point in time. When Louisa was eight years old, the unexpected happened to her. She lost her grandfather.

Angelo had a brief moment of dizziness. After calling the emergency department and transferring him to the hospital, the doctors informed him that he was suffering from a life threatening sickness. Some of the medics were even taken. Aback by the fact that he was still standing, which was a surprise to them. Angelo began to receive treatments and visits to a doctor.

However, he quickly began to experience a. Great deal of discomfort. He couldn’t keep his grumble to himself. His screams were something he couldn’t help but notice and respond to. Luna visited on a daily basis, and. When she walked out of the hospital. She was sobbing uncontrollably. Angelo’s last wish, on the other hand. Was to see his young granddaughter for the last time. When she arrived, she put up with the discomfort to the best of her.

Ability and avoided complaining. When he spoke, though, it was clear. That he was in pain. His tone was very sad to listen to. He was cracking too much. He was a mess. Louisa was so moved by him that she hugged him and said, don’t be concerned, Grandpa. I’m aware that you’re ill. Please don’t say anything else, and please. Don’T leave me alone. As Louisa sobbed, Angelo was overcome with. Sadness, and the only thing he could do for her was to cuddle her.

While she faced such excruciating agony. After they were separated, a nurse entered the room to give Angelo more medicine. It was such a large amount that he had to put him to sleep. Angelo’s spirit, on the other hand, left his body on the same day at the crack of dawn. All that was left of him was the joy he had brought to all. Of them during their time with him. Well, folks, this is the end of this incredible story. We hope, as always, that it’s been to your liking.

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