Cleaner Fired by Boss for Feeding Homeless Boy He Is Here to Lament It


After feeding a homeless youngster, the restaurant management fired the cleaner, something he later regretted. Gather your belongings and go off. I fire you; I don't want people like you on my property any longer." "I was just helping him, I need this job, please give me another chance," Michelle Holmes implored in response to the insults directed at her. However, her request was ignored. She had just lost her job, therefore it was over.

After working at the restaurant for only six months, Michelle left. Now, how was she going to respond? She was unemployed and aware that her apartment's rent was due in only one week. However, she was also troubled by another concern: what would happen to the youngster she had been assisting all along? It was awful for her to think of him.

Michelle had spent six months as an employee of the family restaurant. Even though the position was as a cleaner, she was really appreciative of it. After searching for so long, she was determined to seize the chance at whatever cost. As long as she could continue to have a roof over her head, she didn't mind cleaning up after others. She put a lot of effort into keeping the kitchen clean and organized.

She saw a pretty tragic scenario one morning while clearing away the garbage at the rear of the restaurant. It seemed like someone was searching deep within the garbage bin for food. The fact that it was a young boy would aggravate her pain even more. But he made a quick getaway when he saw Michelle heading for the garbage cans.

"Wait, come back!" He was shouted after by Michelle, but it was too late. When Michelle turned the corner to look for the youngster, he had already disappeared due to his rapid pace. She pitied the youngster so much; he had to be starving to be going through garbage cans.

She kept thinking about the kid she had seen earlier in the day as she made her way home that evening. She hoped he was able to obtain some food since her heart broke for him. However, at that moment, she had an idea: maybe there was a way she could assist the youngster without frightening him away.

She started working on her plan as soon as she arrived at work the next morning. When she opened the refrigerator, she saw some leftovers from the previous day. She reasoned that because no one was eating them, she should put them away for the youngster in case he returned to search the garbage cans for food. There would be no food waste in this manner. She believed that she was truly doing the restaurant a great service.

She continued to look out the window as the day went on in the hopes of seeing the youngster, but he never appeared. She really hoped he would; she could only image the appreciation he would feel for a well-prepared dinner. Then Michelle heard something outside as the restaurant began to bustle with the midday rush. She was able to get a sneak peek outside, and sure enough, the child was back, once again tearing through the garbage cans with a vengeance.

With haste, Michelle retrieved the suitcase she was holding for him and moved discreetly outside. But he was off and running again the moment he spotted her. "Hey, little one, hold on! She yelled after him, "I've got some food for you." Michelle had hoped that she could feed him, but once again, he made the decision to go. However, Michelle heard something as she turned to go back inside.

"Hello, miss, you said you have something for me." It was the child; he would return. Michelle felt a great sense of relief. She approached him cautiously, not like what she saw. The youngster was a complete disaster; his shoes were hardly there and his clothing were ripped and frayed. A knot of melancholy awoke in her gut.

"Yes, this is for you, I guess. I added a bottle of water and a Coke, plus it's some food from the restaurant," she said. The youngster grabbed the bag out of her hands and started munching on the food right once. Michelle prepared a complete supper, which included a few pieces of chicken, veggies, and a couple dinner rolls, and watched as the child gobbled up the food. After gobbling up everything, the youngster sucked down the water and Coke.

"Oh, please slow down, child," Michelle said. Her heart was even more broken by what the child stated. "I apologize, miss. This is my first full dinner in months; I haven't eaten in days," the child said. Trying not to seem ashamed, he cast his gaze downward. Michelle felt sorry for him and wanted to assist.

"All right, there's no need to be ashamed. I'm happy to assist you. Michelle is my name; what's yours?" She extended her hand, but the youngster refused to shake it, instead choosing to gaze at his filthy hands. "Hey, don't worry, it's okay, my hands get dirty all the time," she attempted to comfort him. He forced a little grin. He was only willing to say, "I'm Jason," before lowering his gaze once more.

Michelle suspected Jason had been through a lot in his life. "Jason, nice to meet you. Your folks are where? She said, "Are you alone?" but Jason only moaned in response. It was evident to her that he was self-conscious about his appearance. "I'm an orphan living on the streets; I have no parents. If nobody takes my place, I spend most nights sleeping in this alleyway," he said.

Michelle felt she had to do all in her power to support the youngster, even if her heart was breaking for him. "Look, if you come around here every day around this time, I can have a meal for you." The boy's expression brightened up; he was amazed by Michelle's generosity. "Thank you, Michelle; I really appreciate it."

Thus, Michelle would often pick up any leftovers from the restaurant's kitchen at noon and give them to Jason. They even shared a meal and discussed his struggles. When Michelle found out, Jason was just nine years old, his parents had died, and he had been placed in a number of foster homes. However, Jason thought that living alone would be preferable until he realized his error; the freezing evenings spent on the streets were agony, and he detested having to search for food all the time. The only clothing he had on his back were the ones he didn't even own.

Sensing his suffering, Michelle promised to provide him with food, clothing, and blankets. She had no idea, however, that someone was watching her and was offended that she was stealing food from the restaurant.

Michelle and Jason had had many meals together and Michelle had gotten very fond of Jason. He was more like a son to her than a younger sibling. But all would collapse on her one day. Her every action had been observed by Mr. Hanaman, the severe restaurant manager. She would never again take leftovers from the restaurant refrigerators.

Michelle snatched the lunch bag she'd been holding and headed out the back door as soon as the clock reached 1:00 p.m. Jason would be waiting for her, she knew. "Missy, not so quick. "Where do you intend to use those leftovers?" Michelle came to a complete halt. She turned to see Mr. Hanaman, the manager, frowning at her. He approached her and took the bag from her grasp. He pulled it open and had a look inside.

"So, right under my nose, you've been stealing food all this time? How could you?" he growled. Michelle started to fear; she was sweating and staring at the irate guy. "Did you know it's against restaurant policy to take food unless otherwise stated?" she said. It's not like I knew, Mr. Hanaman; these are leftovers, and it would have been thrown out anyway. Anyway, this homeless child who comes around here is getting support from me. It's terrible to let him dig among the garbage for food, so I couldn't," she retorted. But that didn't sit well with Mr. Hanaman.

"Oh, so you're also drawing vagrants to my restaurant? You're not good; I should have seen you would just cause problems. You're dismissed; take your belongings and go. I don't want you on my property any longer."

Michelle was shocked to learn that she had recently lost her job for bringing leftover food to a homeless youngster. She found it incomprehensible that someone could be so vicious. But she was not going to take it lying down; even if it meant having to adopt Jason herself, she was going to assist him and make Mr. Hanaman regret what he had done. She could not be stopped.

Michelle left the restaurant with tears in her eyes, her resolve to put things right and the weight of injustice hanging on her shoulders. Despite her job loss, she was steadfast in her resolve to support Jason. She was aware that she needed to find a means to back him and disprove Mr. Hanaman.

For the following several days, Michelle looked for work all across the city. She was aware that she wouldn't be able to support Jason without a reliable source of income. She was rejected time and time again, but she never gave up. A nearby community center saw her tenacity and extended an employment offer to her as a counselor.

Michelle's new career gave her a reliable source of income as well as a means of supporting Jason and other underprivileged people. In an effort to better the lives of young people who are homeless, she started establishing connections with social professionals, volunteers, and neighborhood nonprofits. Her primary concern was Jason, who had been homeless for an extended period of time.

Michelle once saw Jason crouched in a corner, shivering from the cold, as she was leaving the community center one evening. The sight of him made her heart hurt. She walked over to put a cozy shawl over his shoulders. "Jason, allow me to assist you. Michelle firmly said, "Come and stay with me; I'll make sure you never go hungry again, and you'll have a safe place to sleep and an education."

Jason sprang into her arms, delighted to accompany her. Mr. Hanaman finally learned about Michelle's accomplishments and her commitment to assisting others when news of them made headlines. He was unable to shake the shame that tore at him for making such a hasty judgment. He came to see that he had misinterpreted Michelle's motivations and her influence on the neighborhood. He realized that getting in touch with her would be beneficial for him.

When Mr. Hanaman went to the community center one day, he approached Michelle trembling. "I made a terrible mistake," he said, shaking his head. "I misinterpreted what you did, and I lost control of my rage. I really apologize for letting you go." Graceful and forgiving, Michelle accepted his apologies. She was aware that his reversal of opinion was evidence of the constructive transformation they had brought about in the neighborhood.

Michelle and Mr. Hanaman developed a working relationship together. In order to guarantee that no one in the neighborhood went hungry, the restaurant started giving extra food to Michelle's organization. Jason flourished academically under Michelle's tutelage, and she ultimately adopted him.

Michelle's neighborhood was revolutionized by her unshakable will to assist a homeless youngster, in addition to changing her own life. She transformed a terrible loss into a chance to improve the lives of those in need and to show everyone the genuine value of compassion and second chances. 
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